Evening Grosbeaks & Dogwood – 2015

Five Evening Grosbeaks hidden in a Dogwood Tree

Five Evening Grosbeaks hidden in a Dogwood Tree


    • I didn’t have my telephoto with me so had to use what I had. These are adult Grosbeaks – the juveniles can be very colourful, especially the males with their bright yellow plumage. The Dogwood form quite large bright red seed clusters that the Grosbeaks and other birds enjoy.

      Things are going well here. Our 4 month drought broke last week with quite a vicious windstorm that knocked out our power for a couple of days after a tree fell on our power lines. We had 7 inches of rain in 5 days – more rain than we had between May and mid-August so the forest and garden are reviving. Our area was on level 4 water restrictions which had meant absolutely no outdoor watering unless you had farm status. Fortunately that has been rescinded. Now we are into more Fall weather- my favourite time of year.

  1. wow — this is a very special bird, and to have five of them is spectacular. I’ve seen thousands of species of birds on this planet, but never the evening grosbeak. What a great find for you!

    • We usually have a nesting pair of Grosbeaks every Summer. The birds (Grosbeaks, Robins, etc.) are starting to flock together for their migration and there were probably 50 or 60 Grosbeaks in the tree but I needed to telephoto in just to be able to see them.

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