Wood Pile Envy – 2006

As I started filling our woodshed with seasoned firewood today I thought this was an appropriate photo. Time and time again while driving the Trans-Canada highway in Newfoundland we would see huge piles of firewood being prepared for the upcoming Winter. A very impressive sight for one always wanting a full woodshed.


Narrows Inlet – 1993

This is a view of one of our favourite boating areas taken from the Caren Range on the Sechelt Peninsula. The water in the foreground is Sechelt Inlet that runs left 5 miles (8 km) to the Skookumchuck Rapids and right 14 miles (22 km) to the town of Sechelt. Straight ahead is Narrows Inlet, one of two arms of Sechelt Inlet. Narrows Inlet is about 9.5 miles long (15.3 km). This is very typical scenery – narrow inlets, high mountains and very little signs of human encroachment.