Seal Lion Caves – 1991

The Sea Lion Caves are located just north of Florence, Oregon and are the home of sea lion and birds.  Access to the bottom of the cave is via a 200 foot (61 meter) ride in an elevator.  Quite an impressive experience for the all the senses with the roar of the ocean and the barking and smell of the sea lions.  Not great photos because of the film and lighting conditions but a good memory.



Burnett Falls Park – 2014

This past Sunday my wife and I explored a newly developed park about 15 minute from home.  Though a short 20 minute walk to the falls, the mossy forest was quite beautiful in the light mist.  The falls drop about 50 or 60 feet and were a pleasant surprise.

Burnett Falls Park 1_watermarked

Burnett Falls Park 4_watermarked

Burnett Falls Park 5_watermarked

Burnett Falls Park 8_watermarked

Burnett Falls Park 11_watermarked

Burnett Falls Park 12_watermarked