A Few Words About Black & White

I have spent the past few weeks going through my original negatives, starting in 1968, looking for potential lost ‘gems’.  It has been an interesting process, re-living the black and white process that was the foundation of my budding photographic journey. I realize now what a valuable tool it was to shoot entirely in black and white as I believe it taught me to understand and see light in a different way. Lighting is so important because it becomes the primary means for your subject to stand out from a monochrome background. Though shooting almost entirely in colour now, I still hold a fondness for the rich blacks, the delicate whites and all the shades in between that can create powerful images.  

Roots - January 1972

Roots – January 1972

Freighters at Anchor - January 1972

Freighters at Anchor – January 1972

Lily - January 1972

Lily – January 1972