I started blogging at the end of January of 2013 and I found that I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.  It has been a wonderful way to share my photographs and to meet and experience some incredible artists, writers, photographers and great people from around the world.  My other blogs have been constricted by self imposed themes so this one will be a little different – a random sampling of my photography.  I hope you enjoy them.  

I bought my first camera in 1969, a Canon 35mm.  The majority of the photos I took then were portraits and I shot almost entirely in black and white.  I did quite well with my photography, even managing to get on the cover of Billboard magazine.  In 1972 I moved to a small coastal town north of Vancouver, BC.  For some reason over the next few years I lost interest in photography and rarely took a photo.  In the late 80′s I started painting (watercolour) and would photograph my subject first to paint from.  My paintings are either close-up still life or scenery.  I found I was using my camera more and more and eventually (and at first reluctantly) went digital.  The versatility of digital cameras rekindled my interest in photography and I have now mostly moved away from black and white and portraiture to shoot the natural beauty in the area I now live.


    • Thanks very much for the kind words and award, it was very thoughtful of you! I must admit however that I may not post it, as I haven’t with others. I find it enough work right now just getting my posts online. Thanks again for the thought though!

  1. Thanks a lot Kenneth for visiting my blog and your decision to follow it. Your photos are absolutley amaizing! Thank you for helping me to discover them!Octavian

  2. I took a look at some of your photos and really enjoy them. I love looking at the work of others (especially those who have more experience than I) because I learn so much – both from what I like and don’t like of other’s work. It is my way of both developing my style now that I’ve gone digital and can take as many pics as my cards will hold and to learn technique.

  3. Hi Kenneth! I thought to drop by to thank you for Liking so many of my recent images – thank you, its morale boosting!

    I identify completely with what you say about digital’s versatility rekindling interest and enthusiasm; and also re blogging being an excellent way to share images. Getting away from self-imposed themes is good I think – my only theme is to spread myself around the genres if I can – someone said that they like my blog because, from post to post, they never know what they’re going to see – that’s the way forward for me.

    Thank you again! Adrian

    • Hi Adrian – Thanks for taking the time to look at my photos and comment on so many of them. High praise coming from you! I just found your blog and plan to spend more time on it but what I have seen so far is wonderful. In particular, the variation of themes and subjects. I’m looking forward to seeing more.


  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for the follow. You have a beautiful blog here…I’m looking forward to following your photographic journey.

    • I have only put one watercolour on so far (click ‘flowers’ categories below and look for “Fallen Bouquet”) I may add some later but I feel more confident about my photography. Thanks for taking an interest. I have been enjoying your blog by the way.

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