Sidewalk Message – 2015

I love you. I have to go, I am falling apart. I am sorry. I was only trying to protect you and our unborn child I cannot compete with your drugs I have loved you all my life.  I will love you for the rest of my life. I am only a man and I will never forget how you made me feel 18 years ago when you took that shy geek home. I now have to say good bye Pretty Girl

Reliving the Blues – 1969

A few days ago someone looked at an early post of mine that was a photo of the band Canned Heat which I took in November of 1969. They asked if I had any more so I took a trip down memory lane today. The band was a favourite of mine and this photo op was one of my first paid jobs. I got free admission and probably about $10. I was to produce posters for a local Vancouver store.

The band in this form consisted of founders Bob “The Bear” Hite (1943-1981)- vocals and Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson (1943-1970)- guitar, harmonica, vocals. Other members were Harvey “The Snake” Mandel- guitar, Larry “The Mole” Taylor- bass and Adolfo “Fito” de la Parra- drums. The band is still going today with Harvey, Larry, Adolfo and Dave Spalding on guitar, harmonica.

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