Davis Bay Sky – 2014

Went out for dinner Saturday night.  This view is across the road from our favourite restaurant.

Davis Bay near Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada

Davis Bay near Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada

Davis Bay Sky 2_watermarked

Davis Bay Sky 3_watermarked


Association – October 4, 1970

Whenever I look at this portrait it instantly takes me back to the day I took it.  While driving to the photo shoot the news Janis Joplin had died came on the car radio. I was a great Janis Joplin fan and it was sad to hear, especially since Jimi Hendrix has just died 16 days earlier – what a waste. It put a bit of a damper on my photography that day.




Cannery Row, Monterey, California – 1991

One of my favourite authors is John Steinbeck and his tales of Cannery Row in Monterey drew me down to take a look for myself.  The heyday of the sardine fisheries have long past but the remains of the canneries can still be seen, especially from the water. I’ve added a bit of a glow to enhance the poor photo quality.

Cannery Row 1_watermarked

Cannery Row 2_watermarked

Cannery Row 3_watermarked

Cannery Row 4_watermarked

Bryce Canyon, Utah – 1991

As I posted on my other blog I have started feeling that I need to take a bit of a blogging hiatus.  Feeling like I’m getting a little mossy in the photo department and I think quality should be more important than quantity. So, I want to get together a fresh collection of photos and post when I feel comfortable with them. Stay tuned! 

Bryce Canyon 04_watermarked