Prehistoric – 2018

Location: Jack Point Park, British Columbia, Canada


    • Yes, we’re very fortunate. The entire west coast is very beautiful – both the US and Canada. It would be great to see the Witchita Mountains Wildlife Refuge photos some time. Good excuse for a trip!

      • I will definitely get out there soon. It will be EXTREMELY hot this week with temps in the 100’s (F not C) so, I will not be venturing out until its cooler. Rattlesnakes love the heat and dislike the cold. So, once the temperatures start to drop, we will go out and get some pics of the bison, Longhorns, and prairie dogs. Maybe I will get lucky and spot an elk. 😊 Either way, I will definitely share my favorite place in Oklahoma. I will even venture up to the top of Mount Scott. I am terrified of heights so, hubby will be driving while I keep my eyes closed until we reach the top. I’m good to go once up there because its flat ground. The drive up is narrow with sharp drop offs. The view from the top is incredible. The wind farms are quite neat to see.

      • Your surroundings sound very much like our prairie provinces. I look forward to seeing some photos but watch out for the rattlesnakes- something we fortunately don’t have!

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