Favourite Davis Bay Seascape – 2015

I have being going through all my photographs of late and taking a re-look at them. Some I have been tweaking here and there and many others are going to the trash heap. During this process I thought I’d post some of my favourites, some probably published before but if I can’t remember you won’t either..

A lot of my shots are taken at Davis Bay just outside of our town of Sechelt. A beautiful stretch of highway with ocean views looking up and down Georgia Strait. It is difficult to take a bad picture here. Beautiful strange light and sky in this photo.

Mirage – 2017

We continue to experience an Arctic outflow bringing our temperatures below the freezing mark. This weather generates cold northerly winds and with them conditions that produce mirages on the ocean. Looking out on Georgia Strait the horizon appears zagged from high waves while the inshore water can be quite calm. White Islet, 4 miles (6.5 km) away, seems to float over the ocean.