Copyright Infringement Update

After thinking things over I decided that, rather than being given credit for my photographs, I wanted my photographs removed from the real estate listing. I didn’t want a part in helping sell the property. I let the real estate agent know Monday and the photographs were just removed (Tuesday evening). The agent was put in a somewhat awkward position and I appreciate that she took action and corrected the problem.



  1. Such a pity really, if the sellers had just asked in the first place then the outcome could have been so different.
    I’m curious about the legalities though, we’re you on their land when you took the photos?

    • Yes, I would have been happy to give the sellers higher quality photos if they had just asked. This piece of property is 12 miles from any town and only accessible by boat. We were anchored in the bay. We did go on shore which is legal when staying below the high tideline mark. At the time I believe the property was for sale. The present owners have only owned it for a year or two. Most of the photos used were not of the property but the surrounding area.

  2. As they say: Sorted!
    My brother lives in Australia and is a professional photographer. When he displays his work on a public forum he sometimes includes a copyright watermark that sits in the middle of the photograph; not enough to detract from the image buy enough to discourage copying.
    I doubt there was intentional malice in this case but rather more likely willful ignorance.
    Nevertheless, it was brought to the person’s attention and I’m sure they will exercise due caution in future.
    Fair’s fair, right?
    Again, good for you, Kenneth.

    • Yes, sorted. I have seen other photographers do that also. A shame we have to resort to that but that seems to be the way society is evolving. It is like someone walking into the Museum of Modern Art, cutting Van Gogh’s name of The Starry Night and saying it now belongs to them. And I agree, think more willful ignorance in my case.

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