Heading Home – 2015 (4 photos)

After a busy overnight mini-holiday in the Vancouver area we headed home on the ferry under much different weather conditions than the previous day. Heavy rain showers with the promise of the sun breaking through.

Sun and Rain

Sun and Rain over Bowen Island

Rain Showers

Rain Showers

And when it looks darkest...

And when it looks darkest…

a rainbow over Gambier Island welcomes us home

A rainbow over Gambier Island welcomes us home


      • It has been dry on Pender too, but we did have rain on Saturday. We are on a community water system (well), but we also have a 1250 gallon water collection tank that we use for watering. The way our trees are, light sweeps through at different times of the day so we don’t end up completely scorched. The properties on the island that have cleared most of their trees are just dead grass at the moment, and the “subdivision” where most of the houses are is on level 3 water restrictions. Mulch on the flowerbeds seems to be helping too.

      • I know water is a problem on some of the Gulf Islands. Our well is still holding out and I collect some rainwater. I’m going to make a bigger system for next year. Our area is going onto level 4 restrictions on Thursday which means no outside water use. A strange Summer for sure. Mulch is the way to go. I put it around all my fruit trees, shrubs and veggie plants and it acts as a water retainer and slowly feeds the plants as well.

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