Dreaming of Home – 1972

One of six polar bears that once ‘lived’ at the Stanley Park Zoo in Vancouver, British Columbia.
The bears are now long gone and so is the zoo.

Polar Bear_watermarked


    • Thanks very much. Stanley Park obtained 6 polar bear cubs sometime in the 1960’s. By the time I took this photo there was only one or two left, the rest were on the big ice berg in the sky. As cubs they were a very popular attraction – cute, playful and lively but as they grew they became more lethargic and I think this photo says it all. Six adult polar bears in a concrete environment during a hot Summer’s day just wasn’t right and sad to see.

      • No, I guess I don’t. Thanks for sharing it though!

        BTW, I see you started following my other blog at kennethmcmillan-photography. Thanks for doing so but I should point out that unless I get another boat I won’t be adding any more posts to that site. It was a one time tour of the local inlets. enjoy what is there though.

    • Thanks Jet. The zoo was phased out in the late 1990’s. I loved it as a kid but as I got older I found it depressing. In those days it was a case of displaying animals with little thought on their surroundings.

  1. I remember liking the penguins as a child. When I moved here in 1994, there was only one old and lonely polar bear left. It always made me so sad to see him or her. Being in a small enclosure is no life for a large animal accustomed to roaming hundreds of kilometres.

      • There was a zoo in Waterloo Park (where I grew up) that had a bear and some kind of big cat — a cougar, I think? The cougar spent its days pacing back and forth, behaviour that we now recognize as a coping method for stress and depression. I’m very thankful we don’t have that kind of zoo any more (as far as I know) in our country.

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