Liz William’s Flower Barge – 2012

This beautiful barge and houseboat has been a “must see” attraction at the Gibson’s, British Columbia harbour for ten years or more. Incidentally, for those Canadians who remember The Beachcombers on TV, this is where it was filmed.  Molly’s Reach would be to my back at the top of the wharf.



  1. That does look like a must see.

    I remember watching the Beachcombers when I was really young. I was always at my grandparents house having roast beef dinner with the best gravy and buns ever. I think about that every time I see the log booms.

    I might just have to detour up to see Molly’s Reach some day.

    • Molly’s Reach is actually a restaurant now (wasn’t during the filming days). We were living on Keats Island (just across from Gibsons) during the Beachcomber era. The boats used in the program were working boat off season. ‘Persephone’ would do barge trips over to the island and they would so a lot of the filming around or on the island. We have never had a TV so we didn’t watch the show. Gibsons is about 14 km south of Sechelt BTW.

      • Close to it. You take the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale (3 km from Gibsons). The government water taxi takes you to Gambier from Langdale – no car ferry though.

      • No car ferry was exactly why we abandoned the idea. We couldn’t figure out the logistics of getting 5 kids, food and clothes from point a to point b without a car (and without a disaster!).

      • There are cars and roads on the island but the water taxi access makes lugging of groceries and supplies somewhat daunting. We lived on neighbouring Keats Island for eight years and I think all that hauling cured us of the romantic idea of small island living for life.

  2. I saw that garden when we were there a few years ago and I was enthralled with it – what a lovely combination of my two passions, gardening and messing around in boats! It really is beautiful. I like Gibsons a lot (including Fong’s Market, one of my favorite stores) and of course the old Beachcombers’ haunts. Many years ago, shortly after the show (which we had watched faithfully and loved) ended,, we visited Gibsons in the winter and walked the docks, looking for the Persephone – and to my delight, we found her. I think I still have (somewhere deep in my photo archives) a slide we took that day of me standing on the dock beside her.

    • Liz is having a bit of a problem right now as the BC Assessment Authority has decided to tax her houseboat as a house even though the houseboat is a registered boat and she is already paying moorage. Yes, Gibsons has done a lot to go from a somewhat dowdy town to an attractive waterfront attraction. Persephone is easy to find now as it is now on display on the main street right near Molly’s Reach. It was a great little work boat – maneuverable and powerful.

      • Yes, I’ve since seen it on display. Surprised to hear about the Assessment – I thought there needed to be real property (i.e. land) as part of any assessment they do so am shocked to hear they are trying to tax a floating vessel. Guess they’re short of cash so looking for creative new sources. Something worrisome for all liveaboards, methiinks.

      • Liz is trying to raise some public awareness. The Town of Gibsons is showing her some support but someone at the Assessment Authority must have come up with a ‘bright’ idea. Hopefully it will get resolved sensibly.

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