Cliff Gilker Park – 2014

These photographs were taken in Cliff Gilker Park, Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada.

Cliff Gilker Park 2_watermarked

Cliff Gilker Park 6_watermarked

Cliff Gilker Park 8_watermarked

Cliff Gilker Park 10_watermarked

Cliff Gilker Park 13_watermarked

Cliff Gilker Park 19_watermarked

Cliff Gilker Park 16_watermarked

Cliff Gilker Park 31_watermarked

Cliff Gilker Park 27_watermarked


    • Hi Deb – thanks very much. Yes, they turned out quite well. I bought a variable ND filter that I wanted to try out. I was interested to see how it affected colour balance and exposure and I’m pleased with it. Some of my shots were overdone – 30 second exposures – but even they were viable in the colour and exposure sense. I always shoot in RAW which gives me lots of correction room.

    • Some were created but using a low ISO – around 100, shutting the lens aperture to f 16 or 25 and using a very slow shutter speed. A tripod is a must though. It was also an overcast day which helped.

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