Kayaking, Kunechin Point – 2010

Kunechin Point, Sechelt Inlet - looking east up Salmon Inlet

Kunechin Point, Sechelt Inlet, British Columbia, Canada – looking east up Salmon Inlet


  1. Just wondering. Do strong winds funnel through the mountain passageway there, or is it generally peaceful and smooth on the water. I used to have a sailboat, and I remember there was usually strange (and strong) swirling down in the valleys between to mountains.

    • Hi Mary – Sechelt Inlet is fairly narrow and yes, the wind can whip up quickly. During the summer kayakers and canoers (sp?) try to do their paddling early in the morning or in the late afternoon when the waters are calmer. Near where this photo is taken is where Salmon Inlet meets Sechelt Inlet so winds can come rushing down both inlets. Added to that, tides do strange things there. Even in our old 36 foot boat I could feel strange pulling from the current. Nothing strong enough to be a concern, just unusual. Most of my kayaking photos are taken when glassy calm because it is more than a little nerve wracking pulling out the DSLR when fighting the wind and waves in a kayak.

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