Cannery Row, Monterey, California – 1991

One of my favourite authors is John Steinbeck and his tales of Cannery Row in Monterey drew me down to take a look for myself.  The heyday of the sardine fisheries have long past but the remains of the canneries can still be seen, especially from the water. I’ve added a bit of a glow to enhance the poor photo quality.

Cannery Row 1_watermarked

Cannery Row 2_watermarked

Cannery Row 3_watermarked

Cannery Row 4_watermarked


  1. Abandoned buildings are so interesting.The first two remind me of the dock areas of Liverpool and Birkenhead in the U.K..

    Did you add the glow in with Photoshop or a different program? It adds to the atmosphere.

  2. These excellent photos remind me of an old Fritz Lang movie from 1952 called “Clash by Night.” It is set in Monterey and the fishing canneries are prominent, it stars Mairlyn Monroe & Barbara Stanwyk. It’s a dark movie, but it lends a nostalgic view of the canneries that you might enjoy Kenneth.

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