Saskatchewan Highway – 2006

Near Big Muddy, Saskatchewan, Canada

Near Big Muddy, Saskatchewan, Canada


    • Thanks Leslie. When we drove across Canada we chose a much slower route than the Trans Canada Highway, closer to the US border. It was mostly Highway 18 and quite beautiful in it’s isolated beauty. This photo is a pretty typical day of driving – little traffic and rough roads though better in Manitoba. Many times we felt we had disappeared forever 😉

  1. Hello,
    thanks for “liking” my post “Springtime, by the Calendar” on

    I LOVE this picture. It is so unlike the environment/ecosystem in which I live, here in the smallest state. And yet, sometimes looking out at the ocean, it reminds me of the open western plains. Just beautiful. Really enjoying your photos!

    • Thanks very much Gabrielle. The prairies do have an ocean-like quality to them – the big skies and open expanses but I miss the movement of the waves, tides and that wonderful salt-air smell. Being a West Coaster all my life, I don’t think I would last long on the plains. I’m looking forward to going through your blog. – Ken

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