Landmarks in the Mist – 1971

Two well known landmarks in Vancouver, British Columbia’s Stanley Park

Siwash Rock

Siwash Rock

Prospect Point

Prospect Point


    • Thanks Deb! In those days I was playing with ‘pushing’ my film. I was using high speed 400 asa film and setting the camera at 1600 asa (ISO setting on digital cameras). This would produce a very grainy photo effect which worked well in some cases.

  1. That side of the park looks quite different now, since the big wind storm of December 2006. I avoided going there for several months because I was afraid to look. The devastation to the trees was incredible. Of course, the Rock is still there!

    • I went through the park shortly after the storm and it was an amazing but gruesome sight. The amount of damage was astounding. But, on the bright side, it sure opened up the view! As with our own forest, the process of renewal is interesting to watch and Stanley Park is mending. Different vegetation is now growing that couldn’t before because of lack of light and the forest cycle will continue until the next big event.

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