The Tolman Badlands, Alberta – 1984

The Tolman Badlands is an area rich in fossil deposits.  Near the center of the photo is a fossilized oyster bed indicating the area was once covered by the ocean which now lies over 800 km (500 mi) to the west.



  1. Well you educated me with this post. We go to Dry Island Buffalo Jump which is quite close to this location, but I had never heard of the Tolman Badlands, we usually just go to Drum for that type of terrain. You’ve given us a new place to check out.

    • It wasn’t called that when we were there – just the Badlands. Have you been to Heads Smashed in Buffalo Jump? A beautiful spot and incredible museum – something your kids would enjoy. Fort MacLeod is near by and also the Coldale Birds of Prey Centre. Something to explore if you have a few days free.

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