Buffalo – 2008

Buffalo- Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada

Buffalo- Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada


    • This one was quite tidy and well groomed! Yes, and good to see. My daughter and husband lived in Rocky Mountain House for a few years so we spent a bit of time in the area. My wife lived in Red Deer in her youth so it’s her old hunting grounds.

      • That is 5 blocks north of home. Was it military housing at the time she lived there? We walk through the area all the time. The area is Waskasoo, we are in Woodlea, the two areas are divided by 55th street. We are about three blocks from the toboggan hill, the Chinese gardens may have been over in that area as well when your wife lived there. Your wife probably walked by our house at some point in time when she was a child.

      • Yes, it was called veteran’s housing then. Something of interest though is that the Nazarene church owned a summer camp in the treed area of 53rd (Google maps). Sharron’s father was a Nazarene minister and the family would go to camp there. We went to take a look in about 2008 and the camp is gone and just housing where the camp buildings used to be. We may have driven near your house.

      • You would have been very close. You just needed to go a block west on 53rd street and a block south on 44th avenue. We are right along the hillside as it curves towards Ross Street.

        Strangely, you are the second person in a week to mention the Nazarene camp. Before that I had never heard of it’s existence

      • As you say, a small world. I think the camp was very small and I’m not sure what sort of presence the Nazarene church has in Red Deer now. My father-in-law was a truck driver, hauling tanker trucks of gas between Edmonton and Calgary. At some point he decided to become a minister so built a small, crude trailer and moved to Red Deer to attend the Canadian Nazarene College. The family – 3 small kids and his wife lived in the trailer for two years! He found he qualified for veteran’s housing so moved into the house on 43a Avenue. It was the first flush toilet he ever had. He would preach at small communities in the area – Delburne and Eckville. To make extra money he started a typewriter repair service and later added a Christian bookstore which became Gospel Books and Music. When he was assigned to BC he sold the business and it later went on to become Scott’s Parable Christian Bookstore.

      • This is really interesting. My dad moved to Red Deer in 1955 (from the Pine Lake area) and my mom in 1959 (from Lethbridge). My dad went to Eastview, Central and Grandview schools, while my mom went to St. Thomas when it was located in the barracks. Did your wife go to any of these schools?

        Was your father-in-law still repairing typewriters in 1959? If so I wonder if he fixed my grandfather’s as he was a writer with the Red Deer Advocate at that time. Remember the Underwoods?

        Was the Gospel Bookstore the one in the basement across from the old Bay store?

        This is Red Deer from another era! I phoned my mom to ask her of the dates and she completely enjoyed the chat down memory lane.

      • My wife went to Central but left in July of 1955 (Mrs. Parker was her teacher) when the family headed to BC. The Gospel Bookstore (originally called Red Deer Typewriter and Office Supply) was on Ross Street, across from the Buffalo Hotel (glad to get a buffalo mention in here to make it relevant to the post).

      • Really interesting, and the Buffalo Hotel is still there. I was actually thinking it would make a great “Wordless Wednesday ” post.

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