Train – July 1971



  1. I love this one. I’m fond of black and white, and also of trains. Look at that old CP Rail car. I took a train trip from Toronto to Vancouver with my mother and sisters in about 1975, which may have been the beginning of my love affair with trains.

      • Agreed! It’s depressing. If you live along the Windsor-Quebec corridor it’s all right, but elsewhere passenger rail service is dismal to nonexistent.

        I was fortunate to be able to travel around Europe for 5 months on a BritRail pass and EurRail passes. The Swiss rail experience was probably the highlight of the trip — clean, safe trains that run on time through some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. Germany was good, too. I did the Toronto to Vancouver train trip again in 1994 and I hope to do it again someday with my kids.

  2. Love the picture. I agree that better rail travel would be great in Canada. My husband and I have travelled a ton by rail in Europe and we loved it. Rail travel in Morocco we didn’t love so much.

      • Our “highlight” was sleeping on the floor in front of the bathroom on a night train Amsterdam to Paris!

        One other trip we did we had first class tickets and we spent a lot of time explaining that we were in the right place and did have the right tickets. The train staff had problems comprehending “backpackers” with first class tickets. It was comical in a way.

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