Dandelions – May 1969

As mentioned a couple of days ago, I have started to go through my black and white negatives starting in 1968. Things are going quite well so I think I’ll do a series using some of these photographs. You may have to indulge me a bit as some might not be the best of photographs but to me they carry a lot of personal history.  I was 17 years old at the time, armed with my Canon FX 35mm camera, experimenting with different styles and methods.  Many were my ‘firsts’ i.e. portraits, nature shots, trees, dandelions, etc.




  1. Ken…Even from the beginning your photos are magical! I feel like I can touch these these dandelions! Looking forward to seeing more of your black and whites…

    • Thanks Diane, it’s interesting looking back and remembering how I had to develop an eye for looking at things in black and white. I would take a photo hoping that I had captured it the way I intended and then had to wait until I finished the roll of film, develop it and finally see if it turned out – and if it hadn’t turned out the moment was most likely lost. How archaic!

    • Thanks for commenting Sallyann. My first 10 years were spent doing black and white photography and I still have a warm spot for it though I shoot almost entirely in colour now. It will be interesting to see how b&w photography fares as the generations move away from the memory of b&w being an everyday experience in the media and art world.

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