Bringing Home Lunch – 2013

This ant is dragging home a Pacific Coast Termite (Zootermopis angusticollis) which is pretty impressive as the termite obviously outweighs the ant.  We are usually plagued by flying termite queens in the hot evenings of late August when they leave their nest to start anew.  Their flying time is very short and when the queen thinks she has found a new location she loses her wings and starts boring.  They are part of the Rotting-wood Termite family and as the name states, they look for moist, rotten wood to nest in.  

As far as ants are concerned, I know they are supposed to be very organized but after watching their behaviour for many hours I have to say they aren’t the most efficient creatures.  Just when you think they are carrying their treasure to their colony they will turn around and head in a completely different direction.  I don’t know if they get confused with other scent trails but it seems they eventually only find their way home by luck.  They have more patience than I do.  

Ant's Lunch_watermarked


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