Old Logging Days – 2009

These vehicles were left over from a logging operation in the 1930’s.  In those days it was easier and more cost efficient to leave heavy equipment behind.  Often it was buried and bulldozed.  Hopefully not something that would be allowed today though it does happen with the oil industry in northern Canada/Alaska.

Tzoonie Narrows Park 23_watermarked

These vehicle are located at Tzoonie Narrows Marine Park in Narrows Inlet, off Sechelt Inlet.  A few large pieces of logging machinery also remain and on the whole it left me with mixed emotions – interesting history of the old logging era but a desecration of a beautiful wilderness.

Tzoonie Narrows Park 22-2009_watermarked

Tzoonie Narrows Park 25_watermarked   


    • Thanks very much. Yes it will all slowly return to nature – not much plastic in those days. I must admit I do imagine bears crawling into the drivers seat and pretenting to drive.

  1. Interesting to see what’s left, and how bits are being reclaimed by nature. Was a bit surprised to see the tires still there on the last pic, because I expected those to have long ago decayed…

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